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PC Beat Making Software

Do you know beat making programming? Clearly many individuals know it however a few people may don’t have any acquaintance with it, don’t stress you will know from this article. In the music business beat is critical thing make you fun and feel great in that melody. You may have heard House beat, Reggae Beat, Hip Hop beat, Rap Beat or another sort of beat. What’s great beat making programming for PC? Presently I have a little learning to impart to all companions in this term, in case you’re beat making beau (both learner and super novice) and need to know I will let you know.

Before you will know beat programming you should know something. The principal thing you should consider is the nature of record organization. Many program send out record in MP3 design (I think quality about this configuration low than WAV arrange) If you genuine with document quality I suggest you ought to pick program that fare document in WAV organize as it were. How would you realize that what’s fare document organization of that program? You can meet record design in particular of the product or you can contact with the bolster group. This is essential thing you should know. (In case you’re not genuine with fare record arrange avoid this passage)

The number one software that I think it’s OK is Dr. Drum. This program is created in term easy user interface and good quality of beat sound. The highlight of this program such as 12 Drum pads (Most software has only 8 – 10 drum pads), YouTube share button (This help increase convenience so much if you want to share your beat to internet world), 16 Tracks (General program give you only 8), if you have your own sound this software allow you import your sound to the program (The program will automatically recreate other notes for you.)

The second software I will show you is BTV solo. This software I think it’s suitable with intermediate level beat maker because user interface is complicate and you will not see pencil tool for draw bar at all. The highlight of this software such as so flexible and adjustable effect (More effect to use such as pitch-shifters, choruses, phasers, flangers), MIDI support (this function is good for who work with MIDI instrument like MIDI keyboard, pad controller etc), Wave form adjustable, Import you own sound kit or your instrument sound etc.

The number three is Sonic Producer. This item is suitable with beginner or who are not serious with making a beat, this program is OK. You can’t draw bar by pencil tool but you can click and make each note of beat as you want on the little quadrate. Now this item arrive V.2 by new features are Facebook upload feature, support both MP3 and WAV file format, you can make beat online. One flaw of this software is you can’t import sound you like to the program at all.

These are one of many beat making software for PC I think it’s affordable, easy to use and match for beginner. Another program such as FL Studio, Cubase, Sonar etc, I think these software are suitable with intermediate to professional beat maker and these item are expensive so much but if you have enough money or you have a little knowledge about making music you can choose them. These programs have more function, tools and more effect for all music genres. You don’t need to have experience in this topic you only like it and make it. Now important thing you should make are learn music theory and you will know making a beat is so easy.