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About Binaural Beats

For anyone looking for the right tools to do this is the use binaural beats, an easy way to get into better relaxation. Following are ten ways that you can use binaural beats to enhance different areas of your life.

Relaxation – This is a major benefit of binaural beats and is the reason why it is used by most. As binaural beats pulse in both your ears, the brain waves of your mind responds by slowing down. This leads into alpha and theta movements of your brainwaves, which is an instant road to relaxation.

Meditation – This is different then relaxation with binaural beats, because of the conscious levels in which individuals can reach. Specifically, meditation is used to move into higher forms of consciousness and altered states of being. This is done with the concept of clearing the mind of all thoughts.

Change in blood pressure and heart rate – Research has shown that, if done long enough, binaural beats can lower blood pressure and cause the heart rate to slow down from the pulsation of the binaural beats.

Stop depression and anxiety – Depression and anxiety are known to be triggered in the brain through neurological functioning, as well as through specific responses from hormones. Several studies have shown that binaural beats, when used over a period of time, can alter the moods and states of individuals, including those who have significant problems with anxiety and with those who are battling depression. Specifically, levels of insulin that links to depression and anxiety are able to decrease substantially.

Increased focus – As brain waves begin to slow down in the mind through using binaural beats, is the ability for the brain to begin focusing at higher levels. This is because the waves are not moving as quickly, and can therefore provide higher levels of concentration with any task at hand.

Help with hearing loss – While binaural beats can’t solve the problem of hearing loss, the ability to work with these frequencies can define what the specific problems are. This is done by finding how individuals react to the different frequencies, what they hear the most and how they respond to different volume levels with frequency.

Triggers Serotonin – This is also sometimes referred to as the happy hormone that is in your brain. Through specific binaural beats, the brain will trigger more Serotonin and will move it into a synchronization with the brain waves for a happy and relaxed feeling.

Better performance with activities – As the brain waves become centered and move into slower ranges, it automatically allows you to stay consistent with performances and activities that you are a part of throughout your day. It has been found that, with just 15 minutes of binaural beats, you can easily get an entire day of better results with everything you are doing.

Memory expansion – Similar to focus, the binaural beats are known to help with increasing memory, especially because of the alteration in brain waves and the ability to stay in focus for longer periods of time.

Sleep disorders – Whether you have trouble sleeping or just have insomnia, binaural beats can help. To sleep, your brain waves have to reach a lower frequency of relaxation. Most who suffer from sleep disorders have difficulty doing this. Binaural beats can be used as a way to slow the mind down so you can move into complete sleep.